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If you’re as snap-happy as other smartphone users, undoubtedly your phone is filled with thousands of photos and videos. But taking pictures is only half the fun; the best part is editing and then sharing them with friends and family — or complete strangers, for that matter. But what apps are best for making your photos look great and disseminating them to the world?

Snapseed is an incredible iPhone photo editing app. But are you daunted by its huge range of editing tools? In this Snapseed tutorial, we guide you through the app with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. You’ll quickly master the Official Snapseed Website – Acquired by Google even if you’re a complete beginner. Read on to discover how to use Snapseed photo editing tools to turn ordinary images into stunning masterpieces.

Camera B612 is the coolest selfie application now with many different effects such as Record selfie videos, support the rear camera, 92 filters, decorative motifs, make blur photos, photo collages and equipped with a timer. In addition, of course, users can share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram very quickly.

B612 is the latest version of the photo application with various integrated features and can be used on any type of Android phone. If you are holding an Android Smartphone, please download b612 which is the 2nd best app to edit photos directly from Google Play Store, which is equipped with many amazing features. Here is a complete guide on B612 App Download and install.

Snapseed app is the free app that you have to download from the app store of your device. First, let’s start this with the introductions to this app, this is A very basic app anyone can use this to edit there photos to pop out there photos. This app allows you to edit your any kind of photos such as a raw, jpg, png), etc. this is very easy and no need for special skills. you can download Snapseed app for snapseed for desktop.

The fix occurs a month and a half after Google rolled out the feature. Any photo posted on the Google+ social network can be opened, viewed, and edited with tools similar to those found in Picasa, Google’s desktop photo editing app. These include color enhancements and filters, along with the basics like cropping and rotating. Users can access the feature by selecting the “Edit” link while viewing any photo.

Google bought Snapseed’s owner Nik Software in Sept. 2012 in order to take advantage of its image filtering app. Before that time, Snapseed was popular on iOS and Mac operating systems. A year later, Google’s adaptation and implementation of the app on Google+ has helped advance the company’s goal of making its flagship social network as photo-friendly as possible.

No explanation has been found for why Google had overlooked ARM-based versions of its own OS in the first place. The announcement of the change was made by Google+ Photos community moderator Brian Matiash yesterday, who characterized the change as “an official fix” of the feature. The announcement was removed a few hours later.

If you used a Photoshop before – you are probably suspect where I’m going with this. The smart expand Snapseed update will increase the size of the canvas and will try to fill in the blanks in the same way as the content aware fill would.

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